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Tom McTigue & Sam Buchsbaum — Minted

Tom McTigue


Sam Buchsbaum


Wedding Hashtag?


How do you say McTigue?

Mc -Tigue like TIGER :)

Also Buchsbaum is Bux Bomb :)

How Do I RSVP?

We are trying to stay as green as possible, this is why we are only doing online RSVPs. Please click the RSVP tab on this website and fill out info for all events.


We will be doing a shuttle on the wedding night to and from the main hotel block only. Times will be provided as we get closer. No transportation will be provided for the welcome party or BBQ.

Can I bring my kids?

As much as we love your kids, we want you to have a night off. This will be an adult only event.

Can I bring a plus one?

If your invite includes a plus one or another person, it will have that on the invitation + on the RSVP section. If you do not see that option, I am sorry we cannot accommodate any more invitations.

Your registry is full, what should we get you?

Your presence at our wedding is present enough! However, for friends and family who have expressed an interest, we’ve created an online registry (see registry tab). We are lucky enough that we have most things that we need. If there is not a gift that you are excited about, we would love contributions for our honeymoon.

Dress code?

Friday Welcome Drinks/ Rehearsal Dinner: Dressy casual. Sun dresses, jumpsuits, jeans and a cute top for women. Jeans, slacks and a collared shirt for men (no shorts please). 

Saturday Wedding: Cocktail or Formal. Long, midi or cocktail dresses for women (no white). Suits, tuxedos, nice dress shirts and slacks for men (no jeans).

Sunday BBQ: Casual! Swimsuits, pjs, whatever you want!

Venue Parking?

Overnight parking is allowed (ignore the sign at the gate). They close their gates to the parking lot at the end of the night and open the gates at 8am the next day so if anyone leaves their car overnight, they will not have access until 8am the next day. Feel free to leave your car at the hotel (in Tempe Marketplace) and ride the shuttle there and back (you can uber there in the morning for your car).