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Tom McTigue & Sam Buchsbaum — Minted

Tom McTigue


Sam Buchsbaum

Tom McTigue and Sam Buchsbaum
Tom McTigue and Sam Buchsbaum

Please join us in ARIZONA

Our Story


Now, lets wind the clock back to December 25, 2021 or as Sam has dubbed it "our swiperversary"

It was a standard 70 degree Christmas Day in Arizona, which was a foreign concept to Tom who had recently arrived in Scottsdale after completing the first 2 phases of what some friends would consider his eat, pray, love, trip. After a few months of traveling around the Western part of the United States and certainly completing the eat and pray portions- naturally he went where anyone goes to find love : Bumble.

While Tom was travelling around really finding himself, Sam was obviously just waiting to be swept off of her feet. She had turned away countless suitors for either texting too much, having an android, or not even having furniture in their homes.

While Tom went over to his Uncle Danny's for Christmas dinner, Sam being the good Jewish girl that she is, was also celebrating Christmas with her brother's family.

Little did they know, that there was Christmas/ Post Hannukah love in the air. If only they could connect to some WiFi to find it?!?! Enter... BUMBLE

With Sam being an expert, and Tom only being a novice at Bumble, Sam shot her shot with the softball line of "OMG, I used to live in Chicago". Tom being very confused and nervous came back with " We can get to Chicago in a minute, but more importantly, what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?"

Hook. Line. Sinker.

After they got off to a compelling start of messaging back and forth, Sam broke one of her rules and gave Tom her actual phone number. (Tom later found out it was a ploy to make sure he wasn't using a Droid)

Tom casually asked Sam on a date, but she played the "im busy for the next 3 days" game and committed to going out the night before New Years Eve. Tom planned to take her to the finest chain Sushi Restaurant (Sushi Roku) in Old Town and anxiously waited for 3 days. Sam was insistent on eating at 5:30 PM- little did Tom know, he would be committing to eating dinner at this time for the rest of his life.

As Tom walked into the super sceney, cool, just opening, and empty restaurant at 5:31P- Sam came in from the left side smiling ear to ear and was indeed- Human. Sam remembers Tom to be a bit too talkative in the beginning of the date, but also found him to be cute.... Plus he had an iPhone, so she stuck out Tom's mansplaining and fortunately the date settled after a few glasses of wine. It went so well, that they walked over to Scapegoat for a nightcap. On the walk over, Sam did make sure to let Tom know that her office was on the way and basically dubbed herself the Queen of Yelp pulling Tom further into her love trap.

We will spare you the details of the conversation at Scapegoat, but both were in agreed that all first dates must come to an end. So, in this modern time, Sam ordered an Uber, as did Tom, with Tom's arriving first. Tom knew that in order to assure Sam that he was indeed interested in her, he just had to kiss her before they parted ways. So he did... And it was first kiss to forget as it lasted probably less than 1 second, similar to a kiss you would provide to your grandmother on the cheek.

Realizing that he had not only made a fool of himself but also did not do the gentlemanly thing waiting for Sams uber to come, Tom immediately texted her apologizing for being a weirdo. Fortunately, Sam had seen enough to realize that Tom was the one, granting him a second date. Obviously he had not proven to be a threat, as she agreed to head up to Flagstaff for the night. After that Sam and Tom pretty much never stopped hanging out.

While Tom was trying to find long term housing to prove to Sam that he was in it for the long haul, they continued to date,. Whether it be trips to Living Spaces for furniture, looking for apartments, or identifying some of their favorite places to eat, they were falling deeper and deeper in love. Tom was all set to move into a new apartment, and Sam then decided to take the biggest leap of faith in her life- Asked Tom to move in together...

Tom mulled it over for about 30 minutes and complied. Circumstantially, Sam had to do some final google searches of Toms previous addresses to see if he was a complete slob, but it seems he checked out.

After several trips to meet family and friends, Tom and Sam knew they were perfect for each other, but they just knew their relationship could not sustain Tom working remotely in the corner of their bed room. Doing things in a reverse order, they bought an orange house to make their own in September of 2022.

After Sam had asked Tom about 11,000 times where her engagement ring was, Tom finally got up the courage to ask her to marry him in their backyard in an intimate moment after a wonderful trip to Santa Fe, NM on February 5, 2023. Shortly thereafter, friends came to celebrate and congratulate us. So that brings us to the present , if you need us to fill in any gaps, just ask!

Thank you so much to all of our friends and family. We look so forward to our special day, and know that you will help us continue to live our story!

Sam and Tom (this was obviously written from Toms POV)